What is Business Intelligence Software? Top BI Tools of 2022

Business intelligence

Business intelligence software is a collection of analytics tools used to acquire insights

The rise of social media has permanently altered marketing. Businesses today spend 5% to 12% of their total sales on marketing, with B2Cs investing more than B2Bs. The process of obtaining actionable insights from the data to inform decision-making is referred to as business intelligence (BI). BI tools assist firms in identifying market trends, measuring the efficiency of their efforts, and identifying new growth prospects.


What is Business Intelligence Software?

Business intelligence (BI) software is a collection of business analytics tools used by businesses to retrieve, analyse, and turn data into meaningful business insights, typically in the form of easy-to-read visualisations such as charts, graphs, and dashboards. Data visualisation, data warehouses, dynamic dashboards, and reporting capabilities are examples of BI tools. Unlike competitive intelligence, which examines data from external sources, a BI solution integrates internal data produced by the organisation into an analytics platform for profound insights into how different sections of the company affect one another.

Businesses must base their opinions on evidence in order to make educated decisions. The mounds of data produced by firms and their customers contain proof of purchase patterns and market dynamics. Businesses may better understand their consumers, estimate revenue growth, and defend themselves from business dangers by aggregating, standardising, and analysing that data.

Traditionally, BI has taken the shape of quarterly or yearly surveys that report on a predefined set of key performance indicators (KPIs), but today’s software-backed business analytics systems continuously work at lightning speed. These insights can assist a corporation in making a decision in a matter of minutes.

BI software analyses a plethora of quantifiable customer and business behaviours and delivers queries based on data trends. BI can take many different forms and encompass many different sorts of technologies.


Top BI Tools

Here is a list of the top 5 BI tools for 2022:


Tableau specialises in creating stunning visuals, however, the majority of their advertising is geared toward corporate setups with data engineers and larger budgets. There is a free version too but with limited features. The more you spend, the more Tableau features you have access to, including tested data from 3rd parties. The application also has a non-profit tool and research versions.



Sisense is a business intelligence (BI) programme that offers analytic solutions and market knowledge to small and medium-sized organisations. Sisense is one of the only fully-functional BI software solutions that allow non-technologists to merge numerous data sources, configure dashboards, generate data visualisations, and share them with other people. Without the usage of hardware or IT personnel, this web-based BI solution consolidates data into a single consolidated spot.



Domo is a robust business intelligence (BI) programme that offers a diverse data set and connection support. It has unrivalled social collaboration features. Domo was created to help organisations find viable solutions in a world filled with ever-changing business difficulties. Domo allows users to access real-time data from a single panel that is aesthetically appealing and simple to use, allowing organisations to make educated actions based on the insights gathered.


SAP Business Objects

It is a centralised data reporting, visualisation, and sharing suite. It translates data into usable insights and makes them available anytime, anywhere.  With this BI suite, you can share insights and make smarter choices. The analytics platform can help businesses develop by providing a flexible design.



SAS Analytics is a BI tool that can detect patterns and anomalies in data, discover links and variables, and forecast future outcomes. SAS Analytics customers will profit from more sensible, well-informed business decisions based on corporate data and market dynamics. SAS Analytics provides data mining, data visualisation, text analytics, prediction, data analysis, and other services.

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What is Business Intelligence Software? Top BI Tools of 2022

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