Top Business Intelligence Jobs for You to Apply this December

by Disha Sinha

December 6, 2021

Business intelligence

Business intelligence jobs are in high demand to apply this December 2021

Organizations are highly interested in turning real-time data into business insights with the incorporation of artificial intelligence known as business intelligence. Business intelligence utilizes software and different services to transform data into insights for driving business decisions efficiently. The global business intelligence market is expected to hit US$40.50 billion in 2026 with a CAGR of 12%. Thus, there is a huge demand for business intelligence jobs in reputed companies with lucrative salary packages. Aspiring and professional employees are eager to get jobs in BI. There are a lot of vacancies for BI jobs in December to apply for. Let’s explore some of the top business intelligence jobs in December in popular companies across the world.


Top business intelligence jobs in December

Senior Manager Analytics & Business Intelligence at Adidas

Location: Shanghai, China

Roles and Responsibilities:The senior manager of business intelligence needs to support data analysis to meet cross-functional requirements while developing new reports for key projects. The employee should consolidate multiple business questions with data visualization and statistical analysis for assortment and promotion evaluation. It is needed to enhance data capabilities and the use of data for additional data sources while translating analytic results as per the requirements of clients.

Qualifications:The applicant should have a university degree in math or statistics with high proficiency in database and intelligence systems. It is essential to have more than seven years of general business experience in a data analytics platform.

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Forensic and Integrity Services – Investigations and Compliance – Business Intelligence Staff at EY

Location: Washington, The U.S.A.

Roles and Responsibilities:The employee is required to help in risk management and compliance context to be a part of fraud investigations while conducting research on entities and reports on the corporate background. It is needed to search and report based on the client’s methodologies with an access to multiple databases and communication opportunities.

Qualifications:The business intelligence staff should have a Bachelor’s degree with a background in political science, journalism, communications, international affairs, and so on. The applicant should be familiar with research tools such as Lexis Nexis, and different languages like Mandarin, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, and Russian.

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Business Intelligence Engineer at Amazon

Location: Delhi, India

Roles and Responsibilities:The business intelligence engineer needs to support data analysis, improvement, and interactive dashboards on engineering services by Amazon while working at levels such as operations, customer service, HR, technology, and many more. It is essential to design and operate stable and low-cost solutions for data flow from prediction systems.

Qualifications:The applicant should have relevant experience in business intelligence, and a graduate degree in engineering, finance, computer science, and other relevant fields. It is needed to have knowledge of analytical tools.

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SQL Developer – Business Intelligence at HP

Location: Bengaluru, India

Roles and Responsibilities:The SQL developer in business intelligence should participate and perform analysis of complex functional and business requirements while preparing code stubs for others. It is needed to lead design activities and solutions for others to code. It is essential to apply in-depth technical knowledge to provide maintenance solutions and support internal projects.

Qualifications:The applicant should have a technical Bachelor’s degree with minimum of ten years of experience while minimum of eight years of experience with a Master’s degree. There should be more than five years of experience in writing code databases such as SQLServer, Oracle, and many more. There should be a strong understanding of modern software development methodologies, SCM, data visualization tools, and database administration. It is needed to know HP systems such as S4, ODW, and channel systems.

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Asset Management – Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics – Analyst / Associate at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Location: Mumbai, India

Roles and Responsibilities:The business intelligence analyst needs to identify opportunities for leveraging advanced analytics and embed analytics process in organizational decision-making. It is needed to build analytical frameworks for marketing measurements as well as develop a deep understanding of client’s wants and needs. The employee needs to develop tools and solutions with machine learning models and techniques while fostering a data-driven culture.

Qualifications:The employee needs to have an MBA/Advanced degree in Statistics, Math, Engineering, and other relevant fields with a practical work experience in an analytics roles or financial services using programming languages to manipulate large datasets.

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Business Intelligence Consultant at Adobe

Location: Bengaluru/Noida, India

Roles and Responsibilities:The business intelligence consultant needs to drive analytics-based insights to help in ACS organization’s decision-making process and enhance performance to drive revenue. The employee should interact with customers to have a strong understanding of requirements and modifications. It is necessary to do effective data management with statistical methods and responsible for design and development of apps. It is needed to innovate customer-centric solutions with a strong knowledge of business processes.

Qualifications:The applicant should have a Bachelor’s/Master’s/MBA equivalent in analytics with more than five years of practical experience in large data analysis and data visualization tools.

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