The Metaverse Economy: Metafluence Announces Date of I.D.O. Launch

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Metafluence, the first of its kind metaverse project that intends to bring brands, influencers, and loyal fans to the virtual world, has announced the date for its upcoming I.D.O. launch. Metafluence has set January 24 to host the event on the BlueZilla ecosystem’s launchpad – BSCPad, MetaVPad and NFTLaunch. The metaverse project is the first to launch an I.D.O on the new launchpad, which focuses on similar projects, such as Metafluence. 

The metaverse economy is growing tremendously. At the moment, several companies and brands, such as Adidas, Nike, and Samsung, have already launched into the virtual economy world. Other brands are beginning to imbibe the idea of creating their metaverses to boost sales and even engage with shoppers. 

The metaverse has created a new world of social interaction, where people can explore spaces, immerse themselves in the new realm, and take shopping to the next level. Commercialization and fan engagements are becoming a priority for brands, and the current Web 2.0 doesn’t cut it any longer. Influencers are also looking for exciting ways to interact with their most loyal fans, brands, and fellow influencers. Metafluence emerged to make this dream a reality for influencers, brands and their audience. 

The influencer-centric platform intends to fill the gap between influencers and the metaverse. Influencers are crucial players in the business world, as they employ marketing strategies to boost product sales. However, some unaddressed challenges, such as fraudulent social media activities, are becoming a menace to the growth of influencer marketing.

Metafluence came into the mix to address these challenges and allow influencers to have an immersive experience. It was brought into life by Keepface Team, an influencer marketing platform with 5+ experience in bridging brands, influencers and audiences.

Here, influencers can engage and interact with their fans flawlessly, share their lifestyle, collect and trade digital collectibles, and join discussions with their fellow influencers. According to the CEO, Elvin Aziyev, “Metafluence will be a virtual city occupied by influencers, brands, and loyal audiences.” 

Metafluence features Metahut, virtual lands, Event room, NFT room, Shopping room, etc. Metahut is a virtual residential property in the metaverse, built specifically for influencers. Some of the properties are constructed near shopping malls, plazas, etc. Owning Metahuts creates a lifetime earning opportunity and allows you to bring your personal brand to the next level.

The event room and shopping room are located in the Metahut. The event room is a virtual place for hosting shows, meetings, and presentations. The shopping room is for influencers to market digital/physical products and seal partnership deals with brands. Finally, the NFT room is a marketplace for showcasing  and trading NFTs.

According to Metafluence, the demand for Metahuts and lands is soaring. However, interested influencers get whitelisted to become an occupant. 

The $METO Token Will Be Used for Purchases

Metafluence uses its native token $METO in the Metafluence ecosystem. $METO’s utility includes NFT acquisitions, purchase of Metahuts, event tickets and brand stores, upgrading existing homes, incentives, and governance. Transaction fees will also be charged in $METO tokens. Regarding governance, token holders will have voting rights and have access to Metaclan – a place where micro influencers meet to discuss their goals and raise awareness for campaigns and events. 

Metafluence has achieved some feats in its period of existence. Earlier this week, the platform partnered with NFT-powered gaming ecosystem SolChicks, to expand Metafluence’s network and reach a wider audience. Last week, the influence-to-earn metaverse project collaborated with NFTb, a Multi-chain DeFi and NFT platform for Communities, to access funds and grow the community. 

The world is navigating towards owning NFTs, and with the rising public interests, the virtual economy will grow more in 2022 and beyond. 

This post contains sponsored advertising content. This content is for informational purposes only and not intended to be investing advice.

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