The Grand Forks-based potato company will host monthly sessions from January through June 2022 that teach high school sophomores through seniors about leadership opportunities and careers in agriculture. Leah Halverson, owner of Ten Acre Marketing, a division of Black Gold Farms hosted an informational meeting about Visions in Ag on […]

For this article, we will be using the term business intelligence and data analytics interchangeably. Stitch Data has a great explanation of the differences between the two, but as a primer, data analytics requires a greater mathematical skill set and requires more training since it uses larger data sets and algorithms […]

This is part of Solutions Review’s Premium Content Series, a collection of contributed columns written by industry experts in maturing software categories. In this submission, Pimcore CEO Dietmar Rietsch offers a detailed outline of business intelligence basics and the future of data-driven intelligence. With data growing in monumental proportions (at […]

(metamorworks/Shutterstock) ThoughtSpot executives have a firm grasp on where they sit in the recent history of business intelligence and analytic tools, being part of the so-called third generation of products. While predicting the future is a notoriously fickle affair, ThoughtSpot’s leaders are confident they’re skating to where the puck soon […]

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