In this article, we will discuss all things about data. What data analytics is, the importance of having a data strategy, and how data analytics can help grow your e-commerce business. We will also review some inspiring companies that have been revolutionized by being data-driven. Let’s start by discussing what […]

Business intelligence tools are vital to organizations seeking information to make sound decisions. This comparison of BI platforms Zoho Analytics and Qlik Sense will help you determine if either is the best choice for you. Image: everything possible/Shutterstock Companies are realizing the power and value of business intelligence, which allows […]

Are you considering different types of business intelligence software? Here is a comparison of two popular options to help you choose what’s right for your organization. Image: iStock/NorthernStock When it comes to data analytics tools that make beautiful visualizations, two top contenders emerge: Microsoft Power BI and Zoho Analytics. How […]