With the publication of Farmindustria’s new Code of Ethics (an association set up by pharma companies operating in Italy), there is a breakthrough concerning the disclosure of health information on prescription drugs. After several years, Farmindustria incorporates some principles already expressed at EU and national level, aimed at resolving the […]

YONKERS, WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY  — March 9, 2022 —  The world of marketing is a fast-paced, and aggressive one. But, if there’s one field of business that will always be on the cutting edge of technology and evolution, it’s marketing. The way that communication has drastically changed over the last […]

Evergib handled the redesign of Seasonal Roots’ website. Evergib launched a redesigned website for online farmers market Seasonal Roots. Work included brand strategy, messaging, user interface and experience design, with Torx handling site development. Evergib also developed the concept and script for a brand video and explainer video, collaborating with local […]