Ronn Torossian on the purpose of marketing

Ronn Torossian, a public relations executive says that marketing includes all the activities that a company takes on to encourage the buying and selling of its products and services.

Marketing draws attention to the offerings of a business, which may be products or services. Pertinent examples of marketing include commercials on TV, billboards, and ads on social media platforms and in magazines.

Marketing mix is a crucial component of marketing. Marketing mix refers to a set of actions that a company utilizes to promote its products and services. They include four ‘P’s: product, price, promotion, and place.

Marketing also involves targeting the ideal customers and attracting their attention to the product or service of a business. Given below are the aims of marketing.

Draw attention

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Marketing has undergone many changes. The attention span of an average consumer is now eight seconds.

With the surfeit of information available every day, marketers are challenged to draw the attention of the target audience within a short time.

Digital marketing has introduced myriad new channels. Marketers have to use such channels to give attention to the customers and gain their attention in return.

Provide prospects with information

Information marketing is a notable marketing strategy. It involves giving the audience information about a product or service.

Giving information about a product involves giving correct information about a product or service to the audience by building valuable content about it.

There are different types of information channels such as websites, social media posts, advertisements, and emails.

Using a combination of all channels for marketing results in a solid informational marketing strategy. Channels can also include blog posts and podcasts, social media, and email.

The information delivered through these channels has to be provided during buyer journeys so that it impacts the purchasing decision of customers.

If businesses do not provide correct information, they might end up losing customers. The purpose of marketing is to give accurate information to customers. Only this will make a business be viewed as a trustworthy source.


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Torossian notes that converting a customer, or a ‘conversion’, happens when customers respond positively to marketing messages and perform a desired action.

The end result is a customer responding to a call to action. This can only be achieved through certain steps. The steps include the following:

  • Understanding the buyer persona
  • Successful alignment of sales and marketing
  • Building relationships with leads through multiple touch points
  • Adopting omnichannel marketing approach
  • Including live chat or chat bots.

For a business to put itself out there and establish itself, it has to adopt certain awareness tactics. Nowadays customers rely on social media platforms for reviews and advice.

A business has to depend on social proof. That would develop trust in customers and increase conversions.

An active presence on social media also affects the search engine rankings of a company. Sending emails also leads to trust.

The information or messaging given to customers should make it easier for them to choose a business over others.

Some digital marketing strategies, like optimizing forms and creating online communities, also lead to an increase in conversions.

Ronn Torossian founded 5WPR

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