Even if you have the right product and service, can you dominate the market without reaching the right social spheres? Do you think it’s possible for your business to sustain itself in the face of today’s growing cut-throat competition if it doesn’t make an effort to establish a personal connection with the people it’s trying to sell its products to?

The answer, of course, is a big NO! Even if the business has immense potential, one needs to be as mad as a Hatter to expect sales without adequate Brand awareness. In modern times, the most crucial ingredient in the recipe to success isn’t just having a good product but also knowing how to market it correctly.

And this is where agencies like Ricavi Media – one of the best result-oriented Marketing agencies in the country – step in.

It helps every business, big or small, sustain themselves in this competitive and ever-evolving market by providing affordable 360° Marketing solutions.

Back in 2019, what stood as an almost barren, dingy office in the corner of Kolkata has today expanded to become one of India’s leading Marketing agencies that are crafting trailblazing strategies for clients across the globe. They did rise to fame eventually but it definitely did not happen overnight. It was only after years of gruelling diligence, that they could kiss the pinnacle of success.

What sets them apart from other agencies out there is their ability to best decode the market dynamics for any product, and their expertise in unfurling stories through every campaign – stories that can make people instantly connect with the Brand. They know that even if time is ephemeral, the stories that they build around their Brands will remain forever – compelling the audience to revisit them over and over again. This is exactly why even when the pandemic made other businesses hit the nadir of dismay, the Brands handled by Ricavi Media continued to flourish.

Ricavi Media has spread its wings in myriad fields, working with a variety of brands including – India’s first Oatmilk Brand Milkin’Oats, and India’s first Probiotics food Brand GWell’th. With their out-of-the-box marketing strategies, these brands witnessed a meteoric rise in their brand awareness, brand recall rate, and connection with the target audience. This, in turn, established a loyal customer base and increased their monthly revenue. Handling their branding from scratch cemented an everlasting bond with potential customers and put their brand on the map.

They rode international waters after working with brands from countries like UAE, South Africa, and the USA. Today, Ricavi Media is the most trusted Marketing partner for several businesses, big and small alike. As one of those very few agencies that tread off the beaten path, they ensure that their clients go beyond the realm of the ordinary and into a league of their own.

Knowing that brewing miracle is near to impossible without talented minds, they hired Graphic Designers that breathe life into their designs, Copywriters who let magic dribble from their fingertips and Digital Marketers who can cause an uproar in the digital realm with just a few clicks of a button. For them, it’s been a crazy ride filled with indescribable mirth, learning, and laughter. Their team of misfits wears their USP like a crest on their collars – ‘Never settling for mediocre and always striving for iconic.’

They started working with Foodizo – a Maharashtra-based food delivery Brand that connects enthusiastic home chefs with hungry diners. They educated the strategically-identified target audience on the importance of home-cooked meals and convinced many chefs to join Foodizo in a matter of weeks. Through Ricavi Media’s help, the Brand left all competitors in the wind.

Using innovative Marketing Campaigns, they gave businesses the best Return on Investment and increased their profits, recognition, and market share. Ricavi Media doesn’t use a “One fit for all” marketing strategy. Every brand has a tailor-made marketing strategy that stays true to its unique identity.

Ricavi Media has brought spellbinding success to more than 50 brands through immaculate Online Reputation Management Campaigns, ROI-driven Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, and Performance Marketing. Their influence extends to clients across the world, boosting their reach internationally.

This didn’t come easily through sheer luck. Ricavi Media took measured steps with a dogged determination toward the art of Marketing. They didn’t just use a brute force push-sales strategy. They carefully carved out a path where customers could feel truly heard, wanted, and cared for. 

COVID and the consequent economic slowdown did affect Ricavi Media as well, but their grit and dedication kept them coming back with a fight.

They got a stronghold of the market and welcomed clients from diverse fields

 – including Jewellery, Cosmetics, Apparel, and Health & Wellness firms.

Every obstacle is a lesson to become better. It needs a strong belief in your potential and an eye for the future. Ricavi Media ardently believes that “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to see their business hit a home run, Ricavi Media is the best choice for you to grow your Brand exponentially and witness a steady surge in your Brand Recognition, Brand Recall Value, and Monthly Sales. Their team of experts not just boasts of success, but fetches measurable results.

“Nothing great comes without its share of sacrifice – whether it’s missing festivals or cracking impossible deadlines. Our team of misfits chock full of creative potential did it all with smiles on their faces. With their winning attitude and forward-thinking, they set the Digital Sphere on fire. Ricavi Media always aspires to the highest standards of dedication, punctuality, and reliability. Although we are proud of our laurels so far, we know we have miles to go before we sleep.”

  • Shadab Rahman, Founder & CEO at Ricavi Media

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