Market Your Search For Job Candidates

(By Laurie Kahn) We know recruitment and hiring are hot topics as they are a top category for advertisers nationwide. Companies across all industries are struggling to attract and hire staff. There are increases in hourly pay rates, huge signing bonuses and lots of workplace promises to hire needed staff.

This lack of interest in going back to work doesn’t just affect our staffs, but our clients too. We want their ad campaigns to work so they continue to come back knowing how well your station pulled for them.

Over the past few years, we have been really pushing changes to talent acquisition strategies. Those of you who followed our advice may be finding it easier to hire, those who didn’t will continue to struggle. For success in this all-important area, you need to change what you have done in the past.

Stop asking listeners to ‘apply for a job’! Stop asking for resumes! Many people won’t understand what is really needed for the job. Instead think about asking for ‘informational’ conversations. If a prospective advertiser asked you for rates, would you send them without a consultant type conversation? Heck no!

The same goes for job hunters. They need to understand the job, why the job may or may not be a fit for them. They need to know what day to day duties include, goals, training, and support. They want to know what it would be like to work for you! You would want to know the goals of a prospective client so why not a prospective employee? Talk to them. Spend more time with those who could be a prospect. Get to know them. Ask them for referrals. Build a relationship with those who may be right, but not right now.

Job postings are much more than just throwing together what you need to hire and more about what you can do for the new hire. Opportunities need to be sold. Wide nets need to be cast to create a larger area of interest. Your reputation as an employer needs to be positive. Offering a supportive culture, good benefits and a secure compensation package are essential, but the top thing job seekers want is flexibility. Adding in the ability to work remotely occasionally, to attend to family needs such as medical appointments, school programs so that the employee can work different hours than the traditional 9-5 are of huge interest.

Knowing these things can help you help you hire, and help your clients be more successful in their hiring. Review their content before it goes on the air. Are they selling their jobs or simply promoting openings? Do they share reasons why someone should consider working with them? Perhaps they need help with their website career page which could mean more marketing dollars for you. Many of you tout the fact that you are ‘marketing experts’ so become an expert on what it takes to attract and hire workers today. What worked in the past will not work anymore.

 Laurie Kahn is the creator and founder of Media Staffing Network. She can be reached by e-mail at [email protected]

Market Your Search For Job Candidates

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