How Australian business success Justin Ali took the U.S. by storm

Social media has removed all types of barriers, connecting people around the world. The rising popularity of various social media platforms has created the perfect opportunity for businesses to scale up their marketing game. This eventually led to a fight for attention on social media, where big players stole the show. As the online space became immensely competitive for brands to reach target customers, a few digital marketing agencies came up to bridge the gap, providing professional guidance to help businesses grow their presence on the internet and monetize it. Justin Ali, an Australian entrepreneur, is a popular name in the digital marketing field. His company, CherryRed PR, is gradually dominating this space with brilliant marketing strategies and impeccable public relations skills.

Ali co-founded CherryRed PR in 2017. Living on Queensland’s Gold Coast in Australia, he had little opportunity to showcase his talent in digital marketing. Realizing the market and the then-business scenario, Ali conceptualized his business to provide digital marketing services to small businesses in Australia. Initially named CherryRed Media, the company helped businesses with unique, low-cost strategies to improve their online marketing.

During the next few years, CherryRed PR scaled up to new heights, and Ali played a major role in supporting the company’s growth. The company earned loads of positive attention from businesses in Australia and eventually moved to the U.S. in search of greener pastures. Finding a foothold amidst the big players in the digital marketing scene was challenging for Ali, but he kept persisting.

During his initial years in the U.S., Ali thought being Australian would be his biggest obstacle, but he soon realized it was his biggest strength. Being born and raised in a different country and learning what was at the core of digital marketing in a different space helped him develop a unique perspective — he was able to make his company distinguishable in the crowd.

Today, CherryRed PR is a renowned branding, media and marketing agency in the U.S. Under Ali’s guidance, the company has been delivering cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to some of the top businesses in the country. The range of services at CherryRed PR includes media and press coverage, public image management, brand and identity protection, social media management, content creation, and technical solutions.

To date, CherryRed PR has served many A-lister companies in the U.S. The client list includes popular car manufacturers, cryptocurrency exchanges and many more. The business did experience a huge setback during the pandemic that crippled economies around the world, but managed to rise above the losses. Ali took the company from zero in 2019 to millions in revenue in just two years. This exponential growth is now setting an example for other businesses to realize the power of social media management and digital marketing.

Going forward, Ali wants CherryRed PR to have a stronghold in the digital marketing scene in both the U.S. and Australia, helping both small businesses and big corporations scale up their social media presence. He is also planning to expand CherryRed PR into video editing, as that has always been his passion as a creator and entrepreneur.

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