Avoya Travel Announces New Series of Marketing Initiatives and Enhancements

WHY IT RATES: The improvements will give travel advisors more ways to impress clients and grow their business.—Patrick Clarke, TravelPulse Senior Writer

Avoya Travel, one of the travel industry’s most innovative brands, has announced a new series of initiatives and enhancements designed to position the Avoya platform at the forefront as a source of information for travelers throughout the vacation planning process and empower the Avoya Network to develop the mix of branding and marketing tactics that best suits their independent businesses. The features are headlined by a new suite of customizable co-branded marketing assets in the Avoya Marketing Resource Center, an industry-leading Digital Magazine aimed at informing and inspiring travelers, and a rejuvenated travel blog to increase customer engagement and provide even more travel resources.

The Avoya Marketing Resource Center delivers a diverse collection of on-demand marketing assets and customizable content available for optional use including social media, digital flyers and email marketing templates, direct mail pieces, a vast image library, and much more; the latest additions include the option to deploy marketing campaigns using even more co-branded assets as well as collateral featuring Independent Agency logos. While the existing assets in the Avoya Marketing Resource Center provided the option for Avoya Network members to co-brand the collateral with their Independent Agency’s information, the latest enhancements offer over 160 new best-in-class options and allow for even more flexibility and customization including the inclusion of their business logo and the ability to spotlight their agency’s information.

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Avoya Travel has been consistently adding new assets to the Marketing Resource Center on a weekly basis since it was launched in September 2020, and the latest updates provide the Avoya Network with access to more collateral featuring their personal brands along with the flexibility to customize their co-branding options. The Avoya Marketing Resource Center is seamlessly integrated into Avoya’s patented CRM technology, Agent Power, giving Independent Agencies powerful one-to-one marketing capabilities and the ability to execute their own targeted campaigns to existing clients as well as generate new interest from potential future customers to continue to increase their sales.

Avoya also launched a next-generation digital magazine called The Avoya Traveler in March 2022 that will be sent to travelers quarterly and highlighted through an omnichannel strategy featuring email marketing, paid media, social media, and more, as well as being made available in the Marketing Resource Center for optional Independent Agency use in their agency’s personal marketing efforts. The eMagazine is designed with traveler engagement in mind, featuring engrossing content and compelling imagery, exhibiting the adaptation of the Avoya platform in a post-pandemic world to provide more inspirational and resourceful content beyond a deal-centric approach. In addition to destination, experience, and product-specific content, the digital magazine will include exclusive promotions from Avoya and supplier advertisements aimed at driving even more sales.

With supplier partner highlights and spotlights, featured itineraries, inspirational photos, travel news, recipes, and more, The Avoya Traveler meets the needs of travelers regardless of where they are in the vacation planning or booking process and also offers a platform for suppliers to influence their presence in Avoya marketing, acting as an extension of their brand and increasing awareness of various travel types and products that travelers may otherwise be unfamiliar with. Optional Independent Agency education and suggested best practices for promoting the digital magazine are also offered to the Avoya Network to help increase their reach and the effectiveness of their marketing efforts utilizing this new asset.

Avoya recently overhauled its travel blog on AvoyaTravel.com, completely re-designing the front and back end to provide a seamless customer experience including topic filters and a dynamic design layout, making Avoya a go-to resource for the research phase of the vacation planning process. With more engaging and inspiring content, greater ease of navigation, and an upgraded customer experience, the revitalized travel blog offers valuable knowledge and information no matter where a traveler is in their booking process. The result has been an increase over 85 percent of average time spent on the blog in March of 2022 compared to the final month the previous generation was active.

In addition to increasing the overall value proposition of the Avoya vacation platform for travelers through the travel blog, Avoya’s supplier partners have the opportunity to expand their reach in the marketplace through key brand and product features, advertising space, and engaging articles, all targeted to high-intent travelers who are spending more time on site. With an increased footprint throughout the customer journey, Avoya is cementing itself as a one-stop shop for researching, planning, and booking vacations.

“As we continue to evolve and adapt the Avoya vacation platform to meet the demands of the modern traveler and travel advisor, Avoya is solidifying its position as the only brand that offers supplier partners the ability to simultaneously reach high-intent travelers and high-performing travel sellers while providing unmatched resources and services to the Avoya Network along with inspiring and engaging content for travelers,” said Sam McCully, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Avoya Travel. “Our latest series of initiatives and enhancements showcase Avoya’s revolutionary capabilities to increase multichannel exposure for travel suppliers, deliver unrivaled support to travel advisors, and offer invaluable research and informational resources to travelers.”

To learn more visit: www.AvoyaNetwork.com.

SOURCE: Avoya Travel press release.


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